Stop the Comparison

Now that we appreciate the fact that we’re all different, we can now work on the bad habit of comparing ourselves to others. In short, it’s useless. For today, work on being happy for others when they see success. Realize that if you feel envious, it is simply your inner voice wanting the same happiness for yourself- so get to work. Happiness and success never comes by accident. Envy will get you no where, but positive action will.

There is only one place for competition- sports. It is true that in our cut-throat, corporate environment, we are encouraged to compete. Competition is seen as being driven or determined.
But when we start to compare ourselves to others and to compete against them, we’ve let negativity get the best of us. Successful people don’t compare themselves to others. They put their energy into finding creative ways to be different.

“Don’t compare your beginnings to someone else’s middle.”

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