Say Please and Thank You

For today, work on adding ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to your sentences. You will find that this polite and respectful gesture will be returned to you. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ automatically convey respect to the other person. That person will reward you with respecting you back. Give it try.

What are the benefits to the person saying please and thank you? Well, it will first and foremost make you more popular. Manners make you seem grateful, empathetic, mild mannered and pleasant; and obviously this is going to make people like you. 

But when you forget to say ‘thank you’ or ask with a ‘please’, you are deemed selfish or a demanding person. This also means that you will receive less kindness from others. There is a reason why ‘please’ is called the magic word and ‘thank you’ wins you extra favors. 

“It’s so easy to say please and thank you, and those two words will get your far.”

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