Give Yourself a Hug

Children naturally self-soothe in what is similar to the fetal position. This self-hugging position will lift up our spirits when we’re feeling down and give us that extra boost when we’re feeling fine. For today, take the time to hug yourself. Aim for a minimum of at least five times, but try for more.

When we practice self-love, that’s when we can love others. That’s why it’s called the golden rule- “love others as you love yourself.” When we flip it the other way, it means we cannot love others when we don’t love ourselves.
Loving yourself is a lifelong journey that you can start today. Physically stop and give yourself a hug. Think to yourself, ‘I deserve a hug. I am loved. I love myself. I am worthy of a hug.’

“Sometimes you just need to give yourself a hug.”

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