Days 11-20

After some self-appreciation, we now focus on the people around us. During the next ten days, we work to appreciate the good in the people around us and improve our relationships.



A genuine smile is a full facial expression that involves not only your lips, but your eyes too. A true smile will make your eyes shine.


Contact Someone Special

On this day, make an effort to call someone special in your life and tell them how they’ve impacted you as a human being.


Hugging Power!

No ‘uncle’ hugs allowed! (An uncle hug is when you leave some space between you and your hugee) We’re promoting real hugs where you hold tight, but not too tight! 


Respect Differences

You have a combination of strengths and qualities that make you different. That is what makes you unique. Appreciating this fact helps you to see others this way too.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

(Congratulations! You’ve made it half way! Woot Woot!)

We can only stop comparing ourselves to other people when we appreciate that we’ve all got different combinations of strengths. Turn the feeling of envy into appreciation and applaud others for the work.


Be Friendly

What makes a person friendly vs. non-friendly? It’s something people can read even on a first impression.


Clear The Clutter

Appreciating the importance of simplicity and being content will help us to remove the physical clutter. There is true joy in being a minimalist.


Give a Gift Out of the Blue

Think about someone who could need some cheering up. Now think of a meaningful gift that could lift up their spirits. This is the power of giving for the sake of giving.


Say 'Please' and 'Thank-you.'

‘Please’ and ‘thank-you’ are words that are rare nowadays. Interestingly, some people use non beneficial words more often. (For example, how many people do you know who use the ‘f-bomb’ or the word ‘like’ in every sentence?) Like, totally.


Compliment & Encourage Others

We all clap at the end of a performance to show our appreciation. If life is a stage, we must clap, compliment, and encourage all the performers in our life.

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