Days 1-10

The first ten days are exercises in self-compassion. Simply take five to ten minutes of your day to complete these tasks. (That’s all it takes…gratitude is not time consuming.)



On your first day, simply appreciate your ability to breathe- it’s what makes us alive!

Write a List

Grab a piece of paper and pen (do your best to avoid typing the list) and write down a top ten list of what you’re grateful for.

Compliment Yourself

Write a top ten list of your strengths and skills. Everyone has a gift and your job is to know what your gifts are.

Learn From Your Mistakes

No one is perfect and we’ve all made mistakes. The key is to see your mistakes as a learning experience.


Focus on Your Senses

Imagine your life without one of the five senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. These senses are used everyday of our lives and bring us joy when we are aware of them.


Give Yourself a Big Hug

Imagine what a different world it would be without hugs. No one would like to live in that world! But before we start hugging others on day 13, let’s learn to give ourselves a daily big hug.


Do Something Creative

Our hands are related to our self-esteem. In order to maintain our self-respect, we must work for it. We can easily do this by doing something creative.


Dance Like No One is Watching

You are truly who you are when you are happily dancing. Who cares whether you are a good dancer or a bad one? You are only dancing for yourself.



This day will focus on finding the humor in life. There are two ways to deal with stressful situations: 1) Let it stress us out or 2) See the funny side of it and let it pass.

Focus on Being Optimistic

In life, negative energy drains and positive energy attracts. Understanding that optimisim means power is only the beginning. However, like exercise, you must train your brain to cultivate this strength.

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