Why Challenge yourself?

To be a better YOU!
Living is about learning. Learning to be grateful is important because it helps us all to appreciate our life. This appreciation gives us the power to connect, to see opportunities, and to give. The attitude of gratitude will take you along a path you never imagined. Gratefulness is life changing!


the rules are there are no rules
Can I skip some days?
Each excercise is meant to build up to the next. It is possible to skip the days, however it is not advisable. If you find a challenge is out of your comfort level, then that’s a good thing. That’s why it’s called a challenge.
Can I switch the days around?
Sure. But do your best to complete each exercise as each day builds up to the next.
Can I take a break during the challenge?
Yes. This challenge is voluntary. Some may find 30 days to be too long. So you are welcome to finish at ten day intervals or whatever works for you.
Can I share my experiences on Social Media?
Yes! Please do and spread the word!
Should I do this challenge with others?
Yes! Participating in groups builds cooperation and breeds mutal encouragement. Try your best to rally your friends to join you.
Can I really do this?
Yes you can! Our motto is when you say you “can’t do it,” it really means you don’t want to.
Can I repeat the Challenge?
Of course! On your second and third attempt you will find that you have improved from when you started. Gratitude is a practical skill- so keep practicing!
Do I have to make a donation?
Nope. In the spirit of gratitude, we donate monthly to a non-profit organization making a difference in the world. Volunteering/donating is not mandatory to use this website.
This challenge was inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s view on gratitude. Successful people know that the art of living starts with being grateful and optimistic.

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